Big Bang ERP is one of many tech based companies that are setting up their home base here in District Centrale. They are not alone in DC, currently several ‘ERP’ companies are based in the area (ERP is an industry focused on designing software for companies who want to implement automated business management). Big Bang ERP represent the type of modern companies that are starting to see the potential in an area that was previously dominated by the garment trade.

Big Bang ERP’s CEO’s, Mark Rhyman and Gabriel Tupula describe the company as a specialized consulting company. They help companies to optimize and simplify their working processes through the use of state of the art software. They have been operating their business in the DC neighborhood for the past three years and employ over 50 people. Those employees must be pretty happy because Big Bang ERP have just made the final of the 2017 edition of the Globe and Mail’s “Employee Recommended Workplace” Awards.

We had the opportunity to ask them a few questions about the neighborhood, its appeal, and where they see it going in the future.

“This area is very convenient for us especially since it began transitioning from a sector centered more on the textile industry into one also focused on modern technology. The location is easily accessible to our employees and clients from the whole greater Montreal area, whether by public transport by bicycle or by car”.

Initially it was Gabriel that decided to locate the company here, and now both men agree that it is looking like it will be a great place to be positioned for the future.   

“In 10 years we think that the Chabanel area will become the tech zone of Montreal”.

Here at DCMTL blog, we feel that Big Bang ERP fits in perfectly with the attitude and vision of the area. Understanding the importance of giving back to the community, Big Bang ERP participates in a charity event at least once a year. For example, last year the entire company was mobilized for a day of charitable activity for Moisson Montreal. Not only that, they want to be a part of things, and are proud to contribute to the revamping of the neighborhood.

If you are a young professional thinking about starting out on a similar path into the tech industry, the guys at Big Bang ERP have some pertinent advice for you

“It is important to carefully assess the risks and benefits of the services or product you want to launch as an entrepreneur. Nowadays it is difficult to find a unique and rare solution that has no competition. It will probably be simpler to think of a gap in a product or type of service and complement it with a particular flavor that the consumer will find useful. Once you have found your area, dedication and perseverance are crucial also”.

You can get in touch with Big Bang ERP via their website, or alternatively check out their Instagram page @BigBangERP #HEADINTHECLOUD.

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