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Central District’s Got Talent: Interview with Instagrammer Ziad Mitri

When we think about picturesque landscapes in Greater Montreal, we consider the densely populated downtown core or the historical beauty found in the touristy old port. You may not realize, but beyond the hidden concrete and grey-space, lies a great deal photographic potential. Sometimes it takes the right individual with a keen eye to capture it through the lens of their smartphone.

Central District’s got Instagram talent, and his name is Ziad Mitri. In fact, I was so impressed with his curated social media imagery, that I needed to know more about his perspective of the neighbourhood so that it could be shared with our readers.

Ziad’s perception of DCMTL goes beyond the concrete buildings, potholes and (seemingly) endless construction. His feed encompasses a range of Central District and adjacent space, including Villeray and Ahunstic-Cartierville.

Here’s a Q&A with the Instagrammer himself, Ziad Mitri:

JN: What inspired you to photograph this neighbourhood?

ZM: When I moved to Ahuntsic a couple of years ago, I loved seeing those big iconic buildings around the Chabanel area, stacked like huge LEGO pieces. It inspired me to capture them in every way possible.

JN: Your images are quite spectacular. Do you have a background in photography?

ZM: I have a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology, but I always had a passion for photography! It all started 3 years ago with a Canon DSLR. I loved taking Macro shots with a depth of field, but now I only use my iPhone for the photos on my Instagram account. iPhones and smartphones these days are great tools for taking amazing shots on the go! For me, photography is all about capturing a brief moment in time, so no need to carry around a huge camera when your mobile phone can do the trick.

JN: Is Central District and/or surrounding area home to you? – you don’t need to tell us where exactly, but just to give us an idea of your attachment to the area

ZM: Yes, I live in the area, between Acadie and St-Laurent, so I see Central district in the day when it’s as busy as a beehive, and peaceful and calm at night.

JN: What are your hopes for Central District in the next 5 years?

ZM: I hope to see it go back to its glory days and to fill those amazing LEGO buildings with enthusiastic people and entrepreneurs. Many successful businesses started in this neighbourhood, and I would love to see this continue.

JN: Many of your images on Instagram are of landscapes and buildings. Do you think there’s a potential for street style images or portrait shots to appear on your feed?

ZM: I love the symmetry in everything, that’s why you can see buildings and landscapes in my photos, that being said, I always admired the stories and the people featured on the “ Humans of New York” website and Facebook page, so maybe for in a future project I can tell the stories behind all these great small businesses in Ahuntsic and especially in the Chabanel neighbourhood!

JN: Do you have any tips for folks who are trying to grow their audience on Instagram?

ZM: Try always to create a theme for your photos, post regularly, be creative and show love for the Instagram community and the other Instagramers that have the same interest as you. But the most important thing is to be authentic and be yourself in all your shots.

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