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Business in the Spotlight: Cory Vines

Why did you choose to establish your company in DCMTL?

The garment district holds a special place in our heart, so it only made sense to build our business in this location. Given Lamour’s strong presence in both the industry and neighborhood, Cory Vines is proud to call DCMTL its home base.

Cory Vines Montreal DCMTL

What do you love about the District Central neighborhood?

As a company, we make everyday living a part of our brand, so finding a location that offered diverse lifestyle-friendly features was a must. There are so many restaurants and cafes in the neighborhood, and even a fitness lab! There is so much going on in Central District, that we definitely don’t feel the need to be any closer to the traffic headaches of downtown Montreal.

Tell us a bit about your company?

With a vision from a fourth generation family member, Lamour launched Cory Vines as a digitally-focused brand to compete in the growing activewear space.

Cory Vines was born out of the desire to create simple, timeless activewear that doesn’t compromise on fit, fabric or function. It became clear that today’s consumer is changing and is focused on defining their active life, Cory Vines’ aim is to be the apparel to fuel it.
Located on the same floor of their parent company, Lamour, Cory Vines is well situated in their appropriate location.



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