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Business in the Spotlight: Kika Marketing

Why did you choose to establish your company in DCMTL?

After setting up our third international office, we wanted a location that had a symbolic purpose. As a team of creatives we have a natural urge to explore and saw the potential here from day one. The space was more than enough at a perfect price, so we couldn’t say no.

From day one we knew that DCMTL would be a perfect fit, and it would only be a matter of time before other company owners caught on to its potential.

What do you love about the District Central neighborhood?

Marketing aside, our Montreal office is made of a group of foodies! Our content manager runs a lifestyle blog and holds a strong urge(/keen sense?) for discovery, so we’ve become more attuned to where to eat and what cool new things we should try out.

Being a creative team, we find inspiration everywhere we look, so it’s easy to see the charm in this neighborhood. It’s also nice to hold our business meetings at the local Italian cantina and are spoiled with amazing coffee from Cafe Gentile and Terra. We really couldn’t ask for more.

From the tasty variety of restaurants, to the convenience of shopping and amenities, anything we could possibly need is within walking distance or a short drive away. This neighborhood has so much potential, and it’s getting better every week, so it’s been interesting to see how much it’s grown since we first set up shop. Oh and nothing beats that community vibe, because it feels like we are a part of something special and meaningful.

Tell us a bit about your company?

Kika combines the perfect blend of marketing expertise, creative talent and technical savviness to turn visionary ideas into extraordinary brand experiences that propel your business beyond the competition.

We are a group of talented marketing experts, creative designers and ninja developers working together to come up with smart, provocative work that creates meaningful connections between your brand and key audience.

From strategy to execution, we know what it takes to create insightful marketing plans, reposition failing brands, design eye-catching websites, build innovative applications, and connect with your audience through social media. We use every tool in our arsenal, combining the right mix of traditional, new and convergent media, to attract, acquire and retain your best customers.

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Jessica Nudo

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