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Expo67-A World of dreams at Stewart Museum.

Last Wednesday DCMTL Blog was at the media launch and press visit of the immersive multimedia exhibition Expo 67 – Dreaming the World.

Based on archival footage from the National Film Board of Canada and Radio-Canda and using virtual reality, this original exhibition revives Expo ’67’s enormous adventure from the great dreams and the innovative spirit that prevailed during this landmark moment in the modern history of Quebec and Canada.

Montreal officially became the host of the 1967 Universal Exhibition at the end of 1962. This began a race against the clock for the organizers. Imagine building an event of this magnitude in just 4 years. Feats like these are rare these days.

In the months leading up to the event, the foreign press is taking up the game, especially in the United States. The New York Times, in particular, is publishing a special dossier that shows extraordinary enthusiasm.

“ The greatest, most imaginative world exhibition of them all, bringing you the sights and sounds, the hope and the dreams, of more than two-thirds of all the nations on earth.”

The New York Times, 1967

On April 27, 1967, the “Terre des Hommes” was built. The knowledge and cultures of the peoples of some 60 countries came together during the expo, and the performances of artists from all over the world were presented at a frantic pace. The success was immense! The Universal and International Exhibition of Montreal eventually closed its doors on October 29, 1976.

50 years later, this event is still engraved in the memories of the citizens of Montreal. A true modern day miracle.

It is with delight that we are able to announce that in honor of Montreal’s 375th, the Stewart Museum is offering the opportunity to relive this amazing cultural moment in our history. The exhibition is divided into six thematic areas: Dreaming the Expo, Dreaming the City, Cold War Nightmare, Dreaming the Human Being, Dreaming the Earth and Dreaming of the Expo.

At the heart of a scenography inspired by the architectural geometry of Habitat 67, the visitors explores a world of video archives that plunge them into the grandiose and festive spirit of Expo 67. Virtual reality adds to the journey by allowing everyone to relive the experience of the NFB Labyrinth Pavilion that was set up at the time. An outdoor historic tour of Île Sainte-Hélène and the remains of Expo 67 is also offered.

It’s a must see!

The souvenirs collection by Roger La Roche and Bruno Paul Stenson, guest collectors, was our favorite part of the exhibit. Beer corks, coloring books, original photos, passports and brochures all preserved in a beautiful state. What a time to have been alive!

The Stewart Museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 5 pm, until June 25, 2017, and from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 5 pm, from June 27 to October 8, 2017.

All the official information was sourced from the Stewart Museum’s press kit

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