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Flower Blossom


April 13 to May 20, 2018

Opening: Thursday April 13th starting at 5:30 pmAt Atelier Circulaire Gallery (suite 105)
L’Atelier  Circulaire presents Flower  Blossom by multidisciplinary artist Cynthia  Dinan-Mitchell.  With this exhibition,  the  Atelier  Circulaire  Gallery proposes an immersion into a colorful and abundant universe where fauna, flora and references to the domestic realm are superimposed in a combination of heteroclite and harmonious collages. DCMTL Blog will be at the opening with the artist on April 13th starting at 5:30 pm. The exhibition will continue until May 20th.

“Cynthia  Dinan-Mitchell was first known as an artist for her creation of vast sceneries where scenography and installation intersect,  where the domestic world invades the art world. […]  The artist conceives immersive works that can be perceived as scenery, autonomous exhibition space and art installation.   In   doing   so,   she   creates   intimate   and   comfortable atmospheres that, although seemingly innocuous, are always a little offbeat: things are never quite what they seem to be.”

– Anne- Sophie Blanchet,  art historian

Virginie M Savoie

Virginie M Savoie

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