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Technology Has Found a Home in Mile End 2.0

Modern living includes a variety of niceties – most of which include the modern use of technology.

Beyond the fancy gadgets lies the makers and thinkers and do-ers, of which Montreal has become home to many, turning this metropolitan city into a tech hub.

Here are 4 of the DCMTL-based businesses you need to know, but chances are, you’ve already experienced their work 😉


Cellutrak DCMTL Plaza 55

With automotive and high-tech theft cases on the rise, GPS tracking security technology has been in high demand over the last couple of years. Cellutrack is one of those companies, bringing secutiry and trackability to businesses of all sizes who depend on expensive technology to get the job done.

Cellutrak Canada, powered by Ituran, offers military grade technology for real time tracking, telematics, and theft prevention. This company offers an entire product line of GPS tracking and management solutions for both corporate (fleet management for trucks, trailers and machinery) and consumer (cars, snowmobiles, watercrafts, motorcycles and RVs) use.


Maintaining productivity in the workplace is an on-going concern for businesses of all sizes, and nobody knows that better than Karelab. The key to establishing a solid business model is largely based on solving a need, and productivity is high priority for every business that wants to be successful. Their Enkourage and Propulse products are just what upper management ordered, and the results speak volumes.

The Enkourage enterprise social network is designed to motivate and reward performance, while Propulse takes the pulse of your business, in the form of anonymous flash surveys to give you the real story every week. Oh, and they also use gamification (are you nerding out yet?).


If you’ve been to a concert or major sporting event recently (or you have cable and have seen the superbowl at any point over the last couple of years), then you may have noticed the thousands of twinkling lights in the crowd.

Pixmob is a tech company in the DCMTL area that can turn any large-scale event into a galactical wonder.

PixMob involves the crowd in the show and breaks the barrier between audience and stage with wearable technology connects them directly to pulsating lights and sound.

LED interactive devices offer a choice of 16 million different colours that, pulse, fade, and shimmer, providing an exceptional experience.

Kika Marketing

Every business needs marketing, but more specifically — digital marketing.

Just as the world has switched gear from analogue to digital, your business needs to follow suit.

This full service marketing, design and web agency brings extensive experience in
research, strategy, design and technology. Kika maintains an international client base with
offices in Vancouver, Montreal and Manila. You could say this is a rather ‘wordly’ agency, am I right?

Talk about the perfect marketing mix!



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