Love is love: an exhibition by Jean Paul Gaultier

An inspiring morning at the love is love press release.

Love is Love is a new installation to be exhibited exclusively at the Musee des Beaux-Arts de Montreal (MBAM), from the 27th May, until the 9th of October, 2017. The installation is a collaboration between French fashion icon, Jean Paul Gaultier and MBAM.

I had the chance to meet the curators and directors of this exquisite new collection of wedding dresses. The selected dresses were all designed by Jean Paul Gaultier during a 26 year period ranging from 1991 to 2017. They have been curated together here to promote a message of diversity and acceptance in the context of love and marriage. The message of peace, love and inclusion is more important now than ever. You really get the sense it was carefully curated to depict all eras, gender identities, nationalities and cultures. Love knows no bounds and so he designed wedding dresses for men who choose to be brides and women who identify as grooms, gowns with baby backpacks for the not so virgin and all lengths from scanty bodices with fishnets to trains of over 50 feet.

Therrien Maxime Loriot and Natalie Bondil did a fabulous job of curating not only all eras but all the different cultural influences from African art inspired pieces to Japanese Samurai and British punk rock. The gowns were complimented by the minimal stark white backdrop of designer Jergen Bey. And the maniquins were brought to life with projected faces and unique poses. As a wedding dress designer myself I was especially inspired and as a believer in all different kinds of love and beauty I was moved.

Francine Grimaldi admiring “La Mariée” wedding gown from “Tribute to Africa” collection 2005
Natalie Bondil, director with “The Couple- Adam and Eve” from “Today’s Rastas” collection 1991. Ivory tulle gown “Austrian Curtain” style train measuring 23 meters long. 1991
With Tanel Bedrossiantz, Jean Paul Gaultiers muse, collaborator and model.

Visit the exhibition at the Musee des Beaux Arts de Montreal, any day from 10 am to 5 pm.

Allison Lester

Allison Lester

I am a freelance stylist living in Montreal. After receiving my diploma in fashion design from IADT in 2007 I moved to London to pursue my dreams of working for a big fashion house but instead landed an internship with celebrity stylist Maria Serra. Since then I have styled for many prominent personalities and worked alongside famous photographers on Aldo campaigns and Montreal magazines. I have 2 daughters now and live in St. Henri where I'm working towards opening a cool vintage buy, sell, exchange shop in the neighbourhood. I am also continuing my love for styling as a freelancer with focus on using vintage clothing going under the name of Past Elle Vintage.

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