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MTL NewTech DemoNight co-hosted by Les Pitonneux

Team DCMTL attended the February edition of MTL NewTech’s DemoNight, hosted at District 3 – our old stomping grounds at Concordia (where 90% of Team DCMTL studied). It was a big night for Les Pitonneux  – a skills incubator for people learning code, as it marked their graduation from the LAB12 12-week program.

Following the startup demos, Les Pitonneux took the floor to share their projects, a type of right of passage into the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Of the Startups we had the privilege of learning about, we found Mindset to be of particular interest:

Mindset creates unique headphones that are said to be unlike any other on the market. What makes them different you ask? Well, these headphones are said to improve productivity. That’s right, these headphones are supposed to be able to read brain activity!  They use real-time information from your brain to help you focus. While we didn’t get the chance to try out their product ourselves, our minds are racing with all the possibilities this product has to offer.

“Through the integrated of sensors in the upper band of the headphones, Mindset detects the state of your brain while you work. Whenever you get off task, Mindset detects lapses in concentration and will coach you back to focus through auditory cues.”

Another Startup that caught our eye was Nex Band.

If your Fitbit is lacking in the user experience category, you can now customize your wearables with Nex Band (no “T”).

For any startups seeking grants or funding, you best check out Foundation Mtl inc.

Fondation MTL MTL NewTech DemoNight



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