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MTL Resto+Bar We Love Our City!

A new restaurant has opened for service at 4051 rue St-Hubert. The DCMTL Team had the pleasure of attending the grand opening of MTL Resto+Bar.

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Photo courtesy of MTL Resto+Bar

MTL Resto+Bar Embraces Culinary Diversity

Manager Philippe Ferguson explains that the project goal is “to use our menu to mix all the different cultures that have made up Montreal’s waves of immigration. For example the cocktail and food ingredients come from little Italy, British culture and Chinese cultures.”

“The kitchen prepares traditional meals with a Montreal twist. Its comfort food, inspired by the cultural communities that have founded our city, an example of this would be the smoked meat shepherd’s pie. Our chef, Sue Helen Boucher has really put together an incredible menu.”

Sue Helen at work

Annie Roy gives us a more detailed look at the menu “On one hand we have the Tapas options and the main courses on the other. There is a number associated to each plate and cocktail. On the back of the menu there is a map of Montreal with numbers corresponding to different areas of the city. Each number represents the neighbourhood where the recipes come from.

MTL Resto+Bar Menu
Photo courtesy of MTL Resto+Bar

It’s an incredible culinary experience and their list of original meals will please just about anyone. We can’t forget about their signature cocktails! To date, the most popular one on their menu is the Italian, but we were equally impressed by the Chinese, with its audacious flavour mix.

“The restaurant is the perfect venue for 5 to 9 events or to spice things up on a date night. The DJ arrives at 9pm, we lower the lights and turn up the volume and the restaurant transforms into a very festive bar” explains the restaurant manager.


What’s their target market?

Philippe explains that they are targeting “Young professionals and tourists who are looking for a good time. The goal is that the night turns into a party”.

Where does the concept come from?

“We were inspired by the film L’Auberge Espagnole. “It was the basis for our restaurant’s concept. We own the restaurant and the apartment above, where we have our own B&B. The goal is to give travelers from around the world, the opportunity to come work with us and truly experience Montreal’s culture. We want to bring people together!”

Kitchen in a Westfalia

The Bed and Breakfast

There are 2 floors to the B&B. The first floor rooms are available, but the team prioritizes travelers who have come to work at MTL Resto+Bar when making the reservation for these rooms. The second floor, however, is open to all, whether they be a family or a couple passing through the city. Room service is also available allowing travelers to enjoy the food from the restaurant below right in their room.


“Those who would like to work with us, we accept even those who don’t have restaurant experience. Even if you don’t speak English or French, the idea is to allow people to integrate into Montreal’s diverse culture. We are in the process of posting jobs offers a little bit everywhere, Kijiji, our website, on travel sites and many others” explains Philippe.

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