Petit Biscuit: The little sweet who’s going places

A young DJ with huge potential

Originally, I wasn’t even sure that I would go and watch Petit Biscuit. For one thing, the show was sold out. For another, I’m not really a big fan of EDM (his musical style). Worst of all, nobody was free to accompany me to the show that evening. As it turned out, I did manage to wrangle a ticket to the show and so off I went on a solo trip to the Fairmount Theatre. Honestly, I didn’t know too much about Petit Biscuit, I recognized a few of his songs like his hit, Sunset Lover, but that was about it. However, once I got to the venue, I became very curious to see the kind of show this young DJ was bringing to town.

Petit Biscuit – real name, Mehdi Benjelloun – is from the French town of Rouen, where he still lives and studies. Considering he is not even old enough to drink at the venues he regularly performs, it is quite the achievement for him to be recognized as an Internationally renowned DJ. Playing several instruments, including the violoncello (like me), Mehdi became interested in electro house music at a young age. He chose the name Petit Biscuit because it is both humble and simple.

Arriving on stage in a state of genuine excitement, Biscuit continually thanked the crowd for being there to support him. At one point he burst out laughing after promising the crowd that he would play them his entire back catalogue (the joke being that his back catalogue only consists of one album).

His live performance was solid without being exceptional. Showing his instrumental skills, he strapped on the bass guitar for a few numbers, such as Oceans and Sunset Lover. He even followed that up with some energetic percussion playing on his electronic drum pads. He was certainly playing the right venue because the sound at the Fairmount was amazing, it really allowed me to dig an EDM sound that isn’t usually so pleasing to my ears.

As I watched the show, it seemed clear to me that I was witnessing a DJ at the start of his career. All the same, watching Petit Biscuit serving up his hits to a wild and enthusiastic crowd sure made for a fine night out. His style is simple, and some of his songs sound the same, but he proved here that he is more than capable of packing a dance floor. With time and practice, it’s a safe bet that the name, Petit Biscuit will be a mainstay on the International DJ circuit.


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