Room to grow: How smaller businesses can get the space they need in big cities

Article posted on Financial Post Business Denise Deveau | December 5, 2016 12:34 PM ET When Mississauga, Ont.-based engineering firm Aercoustics Engineering Ltd. needed more space for its growing operations, Steve Titus, the President and Chief Executive, quickly discovered it wasn’t so easy a task. When Titus joined the firm, which specializes in acoustics, vibration and […]

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Urban centres prove too costly for most businesses, especially when there’s cheaper options on the outskirts

We are proud to be featured in the Financial Post! — Financial Post: SMALL BUSINESS Denise Deveau | October 17, 2016 An interesting coincidence took place when Jeff Ekstein attended a networking event. The president and CEO Willow Printing Group Ltd. ran into a graphic designer who once worked for him. The address on his […]

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Why do we all know Mark Zuckerberg but can’t name our Canadian entrepreneurs?

DCMTL Featured in the Financial Post! — Financial Post: SMALL BUSINESS DIGEST Denise Deveau | September 29, 2016 A recent panel discussion with Canada’s top business and tech talent hosted by DMZ (Digital Media Zone) at Ryerson University in Toronto tackled this question: “Why do we all know Mark Zuckerberg but we can’t name our Canadian […]

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Free office space for a year: any Start-ups interested?

**Article in French — Les Affaires Publié le 09/09/2016 à 14:15 PAR MATTHIEU CHAREST Le consortium de promoteurs et de propriétaires DCMTL est à la recherche d’une PME québécoise créative pour lui offrir un bureau, gratuitement, pendant un an. C’est la suite logique du mégaprojet District Central Montréal, dont Les Affaires avait publié la nouvelle […]

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New DCMTL contest offers free office space for a year

They are talking about our contest in Montreal in Tech!! — Montreal in Technology Joseph Czikk August 3, 2016   DCMTL is offering entrepreneurs the chance to get free office space for a year.The group of Chabanel business leaders are working to revive their district through business. The Startup Lab Contest will give one winning startup office space for 12 […]