Top 10 takeouts in DC

Hangry [Han-gry] A state of displeasure caused by being hungry AF.

DC can seem a bit deserted once 5pm rolls around. If you happen to be working late, you might think you are even at a loss for basic needs such as conversation, and food. Not true, my friends. Not true.

Here is a quick ‘go-to-guide’ of take out restaurants that will deliver around the Chabanel district after 5pm. As for the conversation, maybe you can talk to the delivery driver.

Domino’s (Delivery till 1am) 514 383-4567

You know it, it’s a classic, nothing too imaginative, but hey they are fast, and close and they knock out some nice pizzas. What more could you ask for?

Hanger Suppression Rating: 7.6/10

Sol Y Mar (Delivery till 11pm) 514 273-4446

A peruvian restaurant with an excellent ceviche. That’s seafood cooked in lime juice. If you like seafood with a kick this is the place for you, and if you’re tired it will really wake you up!

Hanger Suppression Rating 8.1/10 (Order through

Kokoro Sushi (Delivery till 10pm) 514 336 8282

Spoiler alert: there will be two sushi restaurants on this list. This is the more expensive of the two, If you’re looking to go high end sushi, this is the place.

Hanger Suppression Rating: 7.2/10

Georgina (Delivery till 10pm) 514 384 2222

Subs, spaghettis, salads, poutines, and casse-croutes! This is classic old school diner food done well. With the wide variety of options you should be able to take care of all your team members tastes.

Hanger Suppression Rating: 7.9/10

Georges Pizza (Delivery till 11pm) 514 387 9321

As a more local alternative to Domino’s we present you a DC neighbourhood favourite: Georges Pizza. A good selection of tasty pizzas and poutines.

Hanger Suppression Rating: 7.7/10

Le Coq Rico (Delivery till 8 30pm) 514 507 5353

Delicious rotisserie chicken, with a great selection of sides, and all at an affordable price. This is one option well worth considering.

Hanger Suppression Rating: 8.0/10

Thai Saigon (Delivery till midnight) 514 388 7999

Offering both Thai and Vietnamese dishes, this is a great little neighbourhood spot when you’re in the mood for quick, good value, asian dishes.

Hanger Suppression Rating: 7.2/10

Bombay Mahal (Delivery till 11pm) 514 273 3331

Probably the best Indian food in Montreal, enough said. Main thing: it’s delicious. Minor thing: there is a minimum order of $30 for delivery by phone, or minimum $15 when you order online.  

Hanger Suppression Rating: 8.2/10

Sushi Naniyori (Delivery till 8 30pm) 514 381 3787

A variety of  traditional sushis and sashimis, this is the less expensive sushi option on our list and it is sure to satisfy those hanger pains.

Hanger Suppression rating: 7.6/10

Subway (Delivery till 9pm) 514 858 5222

We started with Domino’s, we’re ending with Subway, why? Because sometimes you wanna go with what you know. Let’s face it, these two places offer pretty reliable snack attack possibilities.

Hanger Suppression Rating: 7.5/10

Anthony Cook

Anthony Cook

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