MASSIVart 8 Year Anniversary

Weekly Snaps Week 10 | MASSIVart Turns 8!

Team DCMTL made a first-time visit to the Infopresse office last Friday, to celebrate an 8-year milestone for MASSIVart.

Art, music and alcohol mix rather well together (but that’s nothing new), so we can’t think of a better way to celebrate 8 years of MASSIVart than by combining all three!

Infopresse MASSIVart Anniversary

As anticipated, art was showcased throughout the event space, creating the perfect ambiance. Between the projections of graphics & artistic videos dancing on the walls and photography by Benoit Paillé, you can bet the visual appeal was on point.

MASSIVart 8 Year Anniversary

Of course, friendly run-ins are a welcomed perk. Catching up with Art BangBang’s Frederic Morin-Bordeleau and Chromatic founder Philippe Demers made for a solid way to end off the night.

MARRIVart Infopresse Anniversary

8 Years MASSIVart party art Montreal

Another week, another Weekly Snap!
Happy anniversary, MASSIVart! Thanks for having us!



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