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Mode Expo 67 at Musee McCord

Mode Expo 67

Expo 67 was a memorable time in our history. It marked an important time for Montreal, and there’s no better time to commemorate it than for Montreal’s 375th anniversary!

The exhibition features over 60 outfits—hostess uniforms from various pavilions, clothing by Quebec designers—and products from every sector of the Canadian fashion industry, including hats, gloves, umbrellas, purses, jewelry, and fur.

MODE EXPO 67 Iona Glasses DCMTL
The iconic glasses worn by Iona Monahan

Expo 67 was a watershed moment for Montreal. Its modern mix of art, architecture, technology and design conveyed a message of boldness and creativity that resonated with the Canadian fashion milieu. Young designers and manufacturers alike seized the many opportunities to participate in projects and took advantage of this exceptional showcase to shine on a world stage.

Whether you’re a fashion student, art history major or have zero background in either, finding an appreciation for this collection won’t be hard. This exhibit will run until October 1st, so there’s plenty of time to pass by and check it out.

Just for Laughs Red Carpet

Just for Laughs Europea Fast Food

Something exciting is coming to Montreal for the 375th anniversary, and it involves Just for Laughs.
Jerome Ferrer, head chef of Relais&Chateau and President of Europea is joining forces with Just for Laughs President and founder Gilbert Rozon to launch a new concept restaurant – a first of it’s kind! Together, they are launching a fast food chain with locally sourced produce to bring the gags to foodies on the go. We are interested to see how this will play out!

Stikki Peaches

A significant part of the gallery was transformed into Stikki’s studio, providing folks with a very detailed glimpse into the artists mind and work process. The Rat Pack was played at his request, the wine was flowing and while he was not among the crowd that evening, the essence of Stikki was very much present. For the next three weeks, Station 16 will be a home away from home for the anonymous artist. From raw and unrefined to finished and perfectly packaged, The Bootleggers exhibit gave us color-intense street art that is living room ready and we loved it!

Missed out on the action? See it for yourself here:


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