Iona Monahan: A legendary figure in Montreal Fashion Journalism.

In the fall of last year District Central decided to celebrate one of Montreal’s most famous and influential fashion journalists, Iona Monahan.

The city of Montreal chose Monahan as one of the 375 women who are to be honoured across Montreal during the city’s 375th year.

As a result, the recently developed, $1 million public space in the heart of District Central was named, Place Iona Monahan in honour of the fashion icons 50 year contribution to the Montreal fashion community.

The public leisure spot was designed for the enjoyment of those who live and work in the Chabanel district. It was designed with Monahan’s remarkable career in mind including touches like the long table that was styled as a fashion runway.

Born and raised in Point St Charles, Monahan left college early and initially worked in fashion retail. It didn’t take long for her commanding and insightful personality to find a new home in fashion journalism. Here she quickly established herself as Montreal’s premier fashion journalist. A strong women in what was then a male dominated profession, she was recognized as someone not to be messed with.

Her reputation was developed through her decades of thorough and groundbreaking journalism work. Her work often focused on, and helped to promote Candian designers and the Candian fashion industry. She started her journalism career at the Montreal Star where she worked for 10 years before moving on to the Gazette where she worked until her retirement in 2002. Having spent the majority of her life championing the designers of Montreal and Canada, Monahan will be remembered as someone who helped to shape and improve the international reputation of Canadian fashion.

One designer who she was particularly influential to is DC local, Marie St-Pierre. The internationally renowned designer was a crucial factor in having Monahan’s legacy commemorated in the magnificent, Place Iona Monahan. St Pierre understands better than most the influence of Monahan and felt vindicated to finally see her recognized for her unprecedented contribution to Canadian fashion.

Place Iona Monahan is located at the corner of Chabanel and Esplanade.

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