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Essence Cosmetics Fall Preview Affordable High-Quality Makeup

Ever find yourself in a rush and forget to bring your makeup bag to work? Perhaps on the day and eve of a specific outing that requires some level of glamming up? It’s definitely happened to me! Despite the reality that quality makeup comes with a hefty price tag. Luckily for us, Essence Cosmetics is here to save the day! This affordable, high-quality brand is vegan-friendly and available at Pharmaprix on Chabanel!

Still not convinced? Here’s 5 reasons on why we love the brand.

Essence Cosmetics has the BEST Eye Makeup

Essence Cosmetics eyeshadow

Struggle no more with perfecting the perfect wing eyeliner. Oh, and since the 90s are back, Essence Cosmetics has the perfect white kohl liner that does not require sharpening.

Long-wear Nail polish

Essence Cosmetics Nail polish

Bronze The Grey Away

Essence Cosmetics Bronzer

Let’s face it: we are going to miss summer and winter generally sucks. Keep that summer glow going strong year-long with Essence bronzers and highlighters.

Cruelty-Free = Happy Conscience

Essence Cosmetics leaping bunny

This is the kind of brand that enforces the idea that brands don’t actually need to test on animals — no matter how high the price. If Essence can figure a way out of animal testing, others can follow suit. Boo-yeah!


Let me reiterate the first point: Essence Cosmetics are super affordable. With a price point ranging between $3.50 – $9, you can’t beat this kind of a bargain.

Typically, I’m satisfied with lipstick and mascara because who needs to cake on all of that makeup anyways? Let your skin breathe!

Searching for cosmetics can be enjoyable and tedious if you don’t know what you’re looking for, and it can become frustrating when your trial and error ends up costing you mucho dinero.

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