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Business in the Spotlight: Creative Box Inc.

1. Describe your business.

Art studio catering to the textile industry. Creative box specializes in color separation, film output for screen printing, fashion printing in textile and graphic design tech pack, and lines for garments.  Design allover print artwork for overseas printing, technical drawing of garments and board presentation.

2. Describe your business’s involvement in and contribution to charities and the community.

Helping groups with film output for screen print

3. Why have you set up in District Centrale?

It’s the heart of our industry. We fell into Central District by accident. We were a group of fashion designers with a dream of becoming the next catalog of magazine layout professional but we ended up falling into the lap of mage co., they were a big fashion company for children’s wear and we started freelancing for them doing color separation. It was done manually no computers so we really understand it because we come from the basics of it we  just started working for them and realized that when you are doing business cards or layouts it’s a one time deal and once you are doing color separation it’s seasonal so there was always a turnaround for work. Then we opened up a small company and here we are 30 years later.

4. Why is the Central District neighborhood important to your business?

We are surrounded by companies who need our services.

5. What do you like District Centrale

Easy access from highways and rent options are affordable.

6. Do you have any advice for other young professionals?

Determination and hard work will prevail.



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