Concerts Ahuntsic en Fugue at Loft 101

August 14th at Loft 101: Concerts Ahuntsic en Fugue invites you to discover a historic space in the Chabanel neighborhood and celebrate Montreal’s renowned composers, such as André Mathieu, François Dompierre and Claude Champagne. The evening will be hosted by Georges Nicholson.

Their upcoming show is expected to be great. Classical music fans will be enchanted by the homage to André Mathieu, the Quebec’s own classical prodigy, already nicknamed the “Canadian Mozart”. André Mathieu is a author-composer pianist popularly known as a child-genius. The masterpiece he is most known  for in his career is Concerto no 3.  

For those who have a love for a more contemporary style, you can expect to be charmed by the concert’s hommage to François Dompierre, known as a composer who loves to mix different genres.

“François Dompierre’s process rest on his refusal to partition his songs under strict guidelines. To this effect, he takes pride in his ability to fuse the classic tones of rock, jazz and hip hop. ‘ I like mixing different styles because it reminds me of life, it reflects the kind of communication that governs how we currently interact.’ “Nathalie PetrowskiFrançois Dompierre : un musicien pour toute saison dans Le compositeur canadien, octobre 1980.

To Piano fans and amateur pianists, the name Claude Champagne is well known. Claude Champagne was a professor at the University of Montreal conservatory from 1930 until his death. Amongst his students we find:  Jocelyne Binet, Lydia Boucher, François Brassard, Isabelle Delorme and many more. You might know some of his works of art, such as Hercule et Omphale, a symphonic poem or Petit Scherzo, a small pedagogical piano piece (Berandol edition, Toronto, Canada)

These three artists are but a small taste of the very talented selection provided by Ahuntsic en Fugue. You can bet that you will be absolutely  captivated by the talent of the best musicians in Québec.

What is Ahuntsic en Fugue?

“Inspired by the Ahuntsic-Cartierville, the beauty of its green spaces, its rich culture and its urban design, Concerts Ahuntsic en Fugue is a movement that takes a modern approach to the presentation and implementation of classical music.”

Why “En Fugue”?

“A musical fugue is a contrapuntal composition in which simultaneous melodies are interwoven to form a harmony. The En Fugue concerts also adopt this form: four nights, four concerts, four emblematic locations in the neighborhood, four themes inspired by its heritage, its environment, its lifestyle and its economy.”

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